Μάριος Σπηλιόπουλος
marios spiliopoulos

Βιογραφικό στα Ελληνικά


Born in Polygiros, Halkidiki. Lives and works in Athens.
4 months of studies in Vienna under the painter Freidrich Hunderwasser.
School of Fine Arts (workshop of Dimosthenes Kokkinidis).
Named Lecturer at the School of Fine Arts.
Assistant Professor.
Associate Professor.
Professor at School of Fine Arts.


Grand Prix d’Alexandrie at the 18th Biennale in Alexandria.


Halkidiki, Estate of Ath. G. Kouyiotis Artistic Intervention in the Environment.
Athens, Artio Gallery, The Oil Lamp (installation).
Patras, Polyedro How to Read a Part of the Sea (installation).
Athens, Artio Gallery, The Mystery of Bees (installation).
Halkidiki, Sani Beach Hotel, organizer: Jahn Reisen, LTP (installation).
Athens, city of Athens Technopolis (Gazi), Artistic intervention,
The "Akathistos" Hymn + Marcos Vamvakaris’s Naughty Girl (installation).
Athens, Artio Gallery, Memory’s Fort (installation).
Thessaloniki, Z-M Gallery, Memory’s Fort II.
Hamburg, Germany, ΚΧ / Campnagel, Heimatkunde.
Athens, Artio Gallery, The Flags Within Me.
London, Wigmore Fine Art Gallery, The Landscape of Being.
Athens, Ekfrasi Gallery, Art Athina 1999, “Mare Nostrum”.
Thessaloniki, Paratiritis Art Gallery, Sketches + Works of Innocence.
Mystra, Mystra Archaeological Site, Mystery of Bees III (installation in the Church of St. George). Curator: Andreas Ioannidis.
Athens, Book Arcade, But the greatest of these is love, (installation).
Athens, Ekfrasi Gallery,
Art- Athina 2004, Group Show Marios Spiliopoulos.
Thessaloniki, Kalfayan Galleries, Thessaloniki’s Days Νo 1.
Athens, National Library of Greece, Reading Paintings. Curator: Irene Savani.
Eleusina , Old Olive Press of Eleusina, Aeschylus Festival 2008 Human Trace. From, In, Through Eleusis. Large video-sound installation and in situ constructions. Organizers: Aeschylea Festival Committee, Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Eleusina.


Delphi, School of Fine Arts Center, Worldwide Conference of Art Critics (AICA).
Athens, Atrium of the School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA),
Anti-Monument (installation).
Bari, Expoarte, Mediterraneo per l’Arte Contemporanea, Greek delegation. Curator: Efi Strouza.
Athens, Factory space “Piraeos 256” ΑΝΤΙ Festival, Ten Young Artists in an Old Factory.
Curator: Anna Kafetsi.
Istanbul, Turkey, 2nd Istanbul Biennale, The Quest For the Secret Center, Greek delegation. Curator: Efi Strouza.
Athens, Artistic Intervention in Elaionas, Athens, organization: ΑΝΤΙ Magazine.
Athens, Eleftherias Park Art Center, The Land of Nobody.
 Curator: Lena Kokkini.
Posnan, Poland, Wielka 19 Gallery, Out of limits. Curator: Theoni Schmidt.
Glascow, Scotland, Glasgow Sculpture Studio, Glascow, Cultural Capital of Europe 1990, Greek delegation.
Ghent, Belgium, Lineart, Foire d’Art Internationale. Participation with Αrtio Gallery.
Glascow, Scotland, Living Room Gallery, Organizer: Gianni Pacentini.
Ghent, Belgium, Lineart, Foire d’Art Internationale. Participation with Αrtio Gallery.
Istambul, Turkey, MJU, The Sculpture and Painting Museum of Constantinople (Dolma Bahçe Palace), Sanat, Art, 14 Modern Greek and Turkish Artists. Curators: Efi Strouza, Beral Madra.
Madrid, Spain, Circulo De Bellas Artes, Cultural Capital of Europe 1992, Spira I: 12 Greek Creators. Curator: Sania Pappa.
Athens, National Gallery, Metamorphosis of the Modern - the Greek experience. Curator: Anna Kafetsi.
Athens, Nees Morphes Gallery,
The Sea in Greek Painting, 19th - 20th centuries. Curator: Chrysanthos Chrystou.
Metsovo, Averoff Gallery / Limassol, Municipal Arts Center, Limassol, Cyprus, The Tree. Curator: G. Kolokotronis.
Aghios Nikolaos, Crete, Minos Beach, Art in Politics, Third International Arts Symposium. Curator: D. Koromilas.
Athens, Αrtio Gallery, Art-Athina 1993.
Alexandria, Egypt, 18th Biennale of Alexandria, Greek delegation. Curator: Marina Lambraki-Plaka, (The Grand Prix d’ Alexandrie award).
Athens, Αrtio Gallery, Art-Athina ΙΙ ‘94.
Athens, Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens / Patras Municipal Art Gallery / Volos, Spearer Building / Santorini, Thiras Foundation / Larnaca, Municipal Cultural Center, Time is a child playig the draughts. The power is his (installation). Curator: Nelli Kyriazi.
Athens, Art Space X, Clients. Curator: Emily Tsigou.
Limassol, Diaspro Gallery,
The Box...
Delphi, European Cultural Center of Delphi, International Meeting of Visual Artists: Tribute to Delphi: Interpretations in Paint. Curator: Athina Schina.
Langeland, Denmark, International Center for Art and Nature (TICKON), Τrilogy: Art - Nature - Science, Copenhagen, Cultural Capital of Europe ‘96.
Thessaloniki, Fountain Square, 30th Demetria. Artistic intervention Tribute to the Memory of the Painter Nikos G. Paralis. Curator: Miltos Papanikolaou.
Athens, National Art Gallery, Honoring El Greco.
Metsovo, Averoff Gallery / Thessaloniki, Vafopoulos Institute, Hommage to Pericles Pantazis. Curator: Ο. Matzafou.
Paris, 42nd Salon de Montrouge. Montrouge-Athènes, Art Contemporain.
Thessaloniki, Zina Athanassiadou Art Gallery, Wavelength.
Curator: Athina Schina.
Athens, BIS Factory, Piraeos Street – Metamorphosis of an Industrial Landscape, installation video. Curators: Flavia Nessi, Iris Kritikou.
Tel Aviv, Israel, Tel Aviv Museum of Art / Athens, National Gallery, Modern Greek Art – Three Generations. Curators: Marina Lambraki-Plaka, Mordechai Orner.
Athens, Ileana Tounta Art Center, Fetish. Curator: Dora Rogan.
Patras, Patras Municipal Art Center, Karagiozis, Shadow Theater and the Visual Arts. Curator: Bea Papadopoulou.
Thessaloniki, Mylos / Athens, Foundation of the Hellenic World (FHW), The Art of Exception (installation).
Athens, Athens Municipal Art Gallery / Falun, Sweden, Dalarna Museum / Stockholm, Sweden Greek Cultural House / Luxembourg, Vianden Tower, Greek Approaches. The ’80 and ‘90’s Generations. Curator:
Nelli Kyriazi.
Frankfurt, Germany, Central Bank of Europe, Greek Contemporary Art. Curator: Anna Kafetsi.
Bucharest, Romania, National Museum of Art of Romania, Greek Painting 1950-1999. Curator: Simone Zafiropoulou.
Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki Historical Center, Artistic Interventions in the Landscape of a City. Curator: Haris Savopoulos.
Athens, Haritos Gallery,
The Art of Touch. Curator:
Haris Kambourides.
Thessaloniki, Paratiritis Art Gallery, 21 Years Paratiritis.
Piraeus, Kastela’s Art Center, Poseidonia 2000, Bleu Oultremer. Curators: Iris Kritikou, Flavia Nessi.
Frankfurt, Germany, Eurocultural Mile, Euro-World, Europeans Painting For Young Cancer Patients.
Athens, Ekfrasi Art Gallery, Personal Relationships.
Thessaloniki, Vafopouleio Institute, Body. Curator: Euthimia Kountoura-Georgiadou.
Athens, Ilysia Park, 6th Anti-Racism Festival, Organization: Network for the Social Support
of Refugees and Migrants.
Frankfurt, Germany, Frankfurt Book Fair Forum - 2001, Mythologies of the Book, Contemporary Greek Artists. Curator: Efi Strouza.
Athens, Eleftherias Park Art Center, Visions and Shackles, Allegories of Prison in Modern Greek Art , 1922-2002. Curator: Haris Kabourides.
Metsovo, Averoff Art Gallery / Thessaloniki, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (ΜΜCA)/ Athens, Technopolis (Gazi), Young Greek Artists – Tribute to the District of Ioannina. Curator:
Lina Tsikouta.
Athens, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Synopsis II – Theologies: The 700 Names of God (Video-installation). Curator: Anna Kafetsi.
Thessaloniki, Paratiritis Art Gallery, Thessaloniki of Strangers – Diary 2003. Texts: Sakis Serefas.
Athens, Chrysothemis At Gallery, Art-athina 2003, Sous verre.
Athens, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Acquisitions 2001-2002.
Athens, Museum of Cycladic Art, Freedon – Democracy. An Artistic Confluence. Curator: Athina Schina.
Hania, Crete, Municipal Art Gallery of Hania / Heraklion, Crete, Municipal Art Gallery of Heraklion (Cathedral of St. Mark) / Thessaloniki, State Museum of Contemporary Art / Athens, Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens (Pink Building), The Olympic Spirit and modern Greek art. Curator: Peggy Kounenaki.        
Athens, Zappeion Hall, Free transit?. Organizer: The Greek Presidency of the European Union, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Curator: Nadia Argyropoulou.
Athens. Diana Gallery (Art Tower), Light Between. Curator: Fay Tzanetoulakou.
Athens, Athens Academy, Tribute to the Olive. Organizer: Academy of Athens. Curators: Iris Kritikou, Flavia Nessi.
Athens, Evripidou & Athinas Streets, Artistic intervention, Athens by Art – Modern Greek Artists. Organization: Municipality of Athens and AICA Hellas. Curator: Dorothea Kondelezidou.
Athens, “The 28 Official Posters by Greek Artists for the Olympic Games, Athens 2004. Organized by the Cultural Olympics.
Athens, Technopolis (Gazi), City of Games, Journeys through Modern Greek Painting. Curator: Athina Schina.
Thessaloniki, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (ΜΜCA), Questions of Identity. Curators: Th. Misirloglou, Κ. Siroglou.
Τinos, Falatados, House of Exhibitions. Report to Ghyzis. Curator: Nikos Xydakis.
Thessaloniki, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (ΜΜCA), Dialogues 2004, (installation).
Athens, Hellenic-American Union, Mickey Mouse Meets Art, Exhibition of Greek artists. Organizer: Disney Co.
Athens, Benaki Museum (Piraeos building), A Close Resemblance versions of a portrait of A. Benakis. Curator: Thanassis Moutsopoulos.
Athens, Imperial Hotel / Thessaloniki, Macedonia Pallas Hotel, Vision - Contemporary Art Show with the installation “In Memory of Susan Sontag." Organizer: Kapatos Gallery. Curator: Fay Tzanetoulakou.
Athens, Κalfayan Galleries, Light Waves. Organization - text: Vicki Politi.
Thessaloniki, Κalfayan Galleries, Communicating with Humor. Organization - text:  Vicki Politi.
Athens, Divani Caravel Hotel, On AIDS, within the framework of the 17th Pan-Hellenic Conference on AIDS. Curator: Marina Athanasiadou.
Wroclaw, Poland, Cultural Center Lesnica Castle, Myths and Antimyths. Curator: Forum + Elijbieta Kocielak Art Gallery.
Athens, Benaki Museum (Piraeos building)/ Thessaloniki, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (ΜΜCA), Artistic Perspectives on the Work of Yiorgos Ioannou.
Athens, Eleftherias Park Art Center, In the Colors of the Spectrum. Organization:
Association for the Psycho-Social Health of Children and Adolescents.
Thessaloniki, Κalfayan Galleries, Anatomy of a Dream. Curator: Vicki Politi.
Thessaloniki, State Museum of Contemporary Art (SΜCA), Artistic Panorama in Greece 2006. Curator: Thanassis Moutsopoulos.
Athens, Athens College, Once there was Penelope Delta…Curator: Iris Kritikou.
Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, 19th International Photography Conclave, The Chronicles of the Irrational. Curator: Bea Papadopoulou.
Athens, Κalfayan Galleries,
Αrt-Athina 2007.
Rome, Complesso Del Vittoriano (Salone centrale), L’Uomo del Mediterraneo (21 artists from Mediterranean countries), Greek delegation. Organization: Presidenza Regione Lazio,   Curators: Maria Teresa Benedetti, Alessandro Nicosia.
Athens, Benaki Museum (Piraeos building), Place of Birth. Organization: Alpha Trust. Curator: Iris Kritikou.
Thessaloniki, State Museum of Contemporary Art (SΜCA), Artistic Panorama in Greece 2007. Curator: Haris Kabourides.
Thessaloniki, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (ΜΜCA), Place. One exhibition, one approach, one Museum, one story. Curator: Denis Zacharopoulos.
Athens, Kazouli Villa, Art Nature- Environment-Action ΄08. Organization: Ministry of the Environment and Public Works. Curator: Iannis Bolis.
Μetsovo, Evangelos Averoff-Tositsa Foundation, Portrait of a Museum (Artistic intervention of Marios Spiliopoulos at the Tositsa Mansion).
Athens, Technopolis (Gazi), Resist. (42 Greek creators), Organization: Greek National Committee of Unicef, Curator: Dora Rogan.
Athens, B&Μ Theoharakis Foundation, Modern Greek Landscape Painting from the 18th to the 21st century. Curator: Haris Kabourides.
Patras, Patras Municipal Art Gallery, Fluid Identity. Organization: Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, Patras Municipal Art Gallery.
Athens, B&Μ Theoharakis Foundation In the Dynamics of the Image. Curator: Dora Rogan.
Athens, Cyprus House, Of the Missing - 60 years after the end of the Civil War. Organization: School of Fine Arts, Museum of the Political Exiles of Ai-Strati. Curator: Harilaos Sismanis.
Thessaloniki, The Pumping-Plant of the harbor of Thessaloniki, Eleftherias Square, 2nd Biennale of Thessaloniki, Human Trace Νο2 - Thessaloniki. Video-sound installation in the interior and exterior spaces of the Pumping-plant and Artistic Intervention at Eleftherias Square. Organization: Ministry of Culture, State Museum of Contemporary Art – Costakis Collection. Curator: Sirago Tsara.
Works of Marios Spiliopoulos exist in both public and private collections in: Greece, Turkey, Belgium, France, Poland, England, Germany, Israel and the United States.Art Center, In the Colors of the Spectrum. Organization:
Association for the Psycho-Social Health of Children and Adolescents.
Thessaloniki, Κalfayan Galleries, Anatomy of a Dream. Curator: Vicki Politi.
Thessaloniki, State Museum of Contemporary Art (SΜCA), Artistic Panorama in Greece 2006. Curator: Thanassis Moutsopoulos.
Athens, Athens College, Once there was Penelope Delta…Curator: Iris Kritikou.